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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
The dubious Insight is now going for $1,500 and they say it has 230 miles.

At what price is it worth taking a risk?
At 230 miles that thing should go for over $10,000 But if it's 230,000 like logic would suggest.....wait until he lowers it to $1000, then offer $500

Have you asked the seller about the service history of the car to see what they say? For all we know it was maintained by the seller and never saw a stealership for any maintenance. Not many people go to the effort of repainting their car unless they care about the car. At any rate I'd give the car an hour or two long mechanical overhaul to determine it's mechanical state before even talking money.

Are there more pictures? Are the "new tires" RE92s (If not then that should count in negotiation since MPG takes a big hit without the RE92s). Why is he/she selling?
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