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Forums are the communities that existed before FB...heck, even before the internet. There's not much point having a second, separate such community; it would just take away from the original. Seeing that it would just be a small part of a bigger community, it would get washed out if not shat upon by the larger. Half the people on here would miss out on what goes on there as I doubt anyone who wasn't already on there would join FB just to take part in the conversations on there(despite what most people out there think, one does not need a FB account or to live on there).

One of the nice things of the internet, at least before FB came along, was that it was mostly anonymous. Half of the attraction of that, of a place like this, is knowing what you say isn't going to get used against you. You can take it or leave it, you can be in the open about your eco-ness, or you can be closeted about it, while still having a place you can express yourself and share in(Without having to watch what you say because it might offend a mosquito half way across the world).

About the only reason I can see for EM to be on FB is to advertise it's existence, and I think most people who are in to such things will find their way here without help.

Besides all that...forums are a much more organized and coherent way of discussing particular and related topics.
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