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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
Chinese el cheapo junk tires are usually also blessed with the worst FE
And handling
I had Chinese tires on my XJ 750. That was a scary ride, especially in the wet.
One day the rear tire kicked out in the wet, under light acceleration in a straight line. I kicked the rear brake and pulled the clutch and managed to keep it upright... but had enough and had them swapped for real tires. Michelins or Bridgestones or whatever, I forgot.

"Be careful in the first 100 km, you'll have less grip than you are used to until the silicone coating has worn off" they said. Oh dear.
When I leaned into the first corner I felt how grippy these new tires were, how precisely it tracked with no sideway slip at all. So hard to not take the next corner flat out!

The tires my '85 Civic came on wore out in 50,000 km or so. My dad changed them for Vredesteins, which were just as bad and wore just as fast.
Then, when I took the car over, I got a set of Michelin Energy Savers which lasted 90.00 km at the front and 120,000 km at the rear, had much more grip than the Vredesteins and of course they were more economical too. They were more expensive, but paid that back several times over.

All the dealerships I took my cars to prefer to put crap tires on and are reluctant to put top tier on. They want to make money selling cars or repairing crash damage...

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