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E-motorcycle parts for sale: controller, battery pack, motor, and charger

I had an electric motorcycle build a while back that fell through. Life issues, nothing wrong with the parts. All parts are unused and new, though some may be dusty from sitting in storage (like the box of cables.)

Mars ME1003 DC motor

Alltrax 7245 controller (with programming cable) (paid $500)

9 Nissan Leaf battery modules for 75 nominal volts (paid $1100)

Delta-Q QuiQ-dci Charger WITH built-in DC/DC converter (paid $550)

I have cabling to go with all of it. It's pretty much a complete setup for anyone wanting to build an electric vehicle. I also have the contractor as well, somewhere in these boxes.

Looking to get $1500 out of it all, but will entertain other offers. I'm in Colorado (Denver area). Shipping the batteries may be an issue, but we can sort all that out.

Here's some pictures from when the parts were on the bike. Right now they're packed away in boxes ready to ship, but I'll get them out and take some more tomorrow when there's light.

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