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Facebook is kind enough to say they are asking too much for the black HX, although it does not seem to know what an HX is. Thirty-four MPG highway?! Please! It has Honda wheels, but not HX ones!

Since Insights did not come in white, I wonder if there are even two white Insights in Tucson! What differences are there between the 2000 and 2001 models?

I cannot imagine two fenders having that same damage, but it looks much better in the pictures that I received. I just saw that the corner was damaged, not that there was a huge crack!

2001 Honda Insight this has been a fantastic vehicle extremely reliable
2door hybrid
Cold ac

Minor crack in the passenger side bumper (that darn mailbox jumped out in front of me) as shown in the pics attached

Tinted windows
Engine replaced 80k miles ago

Additional Warranty covers the battery and tire replaced prior to a month ago

Very clean
Maintained every single month
Oil changed prior to reaching the required mileage always used synthetic oil

Standard five speed
Clean title
Ready to go on it’s way to it’s new owner

2,000 or OBO Less
Minor crack?!

What about the missing piece?

2000 Insight that had 224,000 miles on 10/19. How could there be a younger sibling the same Maaco color and fender damage with an additional 75,000 miles?!

Which battery was replaced a month ago and is the warranty transferable? Only one tire was replaced? Was that why they only sent me one picture?

Maybe this guy had his wife or girlfriend post on Facebook and she took far more pictures (and gave many more details). Remembering the year wrong by a year seems understandable, but the mileage and engine replacement is not something they should confuse, unless they are selling too many vehicles to keep track.


It was registered on 10/19 with 224,000 miles. That was about eighty thousand miles ago, but only seventy days. Facebook says that was posted over a week ago, but when I click on it, it reloads the page, so I do not know whether it was eight or thirteen days.

It is almost completely impossible to drive 80,000 miles in seventy days. He actually said that he was driving to Mexico and Phoenix.

What was he driving from Mexico to Phoenix?

Unless he drove it eight hours a day and so did someone else, two of the only details we should be able to believe are mutually exclusive.

It had 224,000 miles on 10/19.
It had 305,724 miles over a week ago.

It seems the more that we find out about this car the more evidence we have that something is wrong.

I am going to ask if they have receipts for everything, especially those synthetic fuel changes, and the engine replacement.

Mods, would it be worthwhile to create a new thread? I already have many posts in this thread, but this is thirty-three in a row about this very same car, and I do not have any idea when this will be concluded!

Also, this is my 7,000th post! I'm sorry!
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