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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Facebook is kind enough to say they are asking too much for the black HX, although it does not seem to know what an HX is. Thirty-four MPG highway?! Please! It has Honda wheels, but not HX ones!
Those are actually the OEM wheels for the 2001-2005 Civic HX. Around 14 lbs I think, same as the HCH1 wheels?

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
I cannot imagine two fenders having that same damage, but it looks much better in the pictures that I received. I just saw that the corner was damaged, not that there was a huge crack!


Minor crack?!


What about the missing piece?
Nothing a little bondo and paint can't fix.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Which battery was replaced a month ago and is the warranty transferable? Only one tire was replaced? Was that why they only sent me one picture?


It seems the more that we find out about this car the more evidence we have that something is wrong.
Look at the picture. The IMA and CEL lights are on. The hybrid battery is disabled and dead. Must be a new 12V battery. Also I would imagine that "tire" is a misspelling and that all 4 tires were replaced, since 175/65R14 is a different tire size altogether, unless they were already running that size, which would explain the 44.8 LMPG! The low LMPG also seems to indicate a beat up car - it's almost impossible to get a sub-50 LMPG on a 5spd Gen 1 Insight unless you've driven it without the battery on short trips for most of its life. Lean burn could not be working due to a mistake when installing the newer engine.

Idle is 200-300 RPMs high for being warmed up. You can tell it is warmed up since there are 6 lit bars on the temperature gauge. This could be due to the engine map the car is running due to the IMA issue. SRS light is also on. With all this misinformation, high miles, dead hybrid battery, and front damage I wouldn't pay more than $1000 for it, and be prepared to put that much more into it. An IMA battery will run you $1000-$2500, or doing the permanent bypass that Ecky did is about $150 in parts. Plus, you have to address the SRS issue, any other CEL codes that may be there, and the repair to the fender and bumper cover. Not to mention if there is frame damage and/or oil leakage -- if either are present then run! I'd definitely get some definite answers on several questions before driving that far, especially with all this misinformation posted on the listings, assuming they're the same car.

EDIT: Just saw your last post after posting this..

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Rush is unfamiliar with a white Insight with fender damage, pointed out the lights that seemingly everyone else missed, but wrote "For 1500 or less it is probably worth it."
I disagree. While further away, there are several Insights for under $1500 with fewer miles and fewer issues other than a dead or dying IMA. There is/was a silver Insight in southeastern California with a dead IMA but "everything works" for $800. I purchased mine for $1500 and it has no issues. Then again, there aren't many Insights in Arizona at all. Up to you but I wouldn't go over $1000, if everything were to check out perfectly, which I doubt would happen. Obviously get answers first and inspect it first before making any kind of an offer.
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