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That one in San Diego looks good if you can get him to go down on the price. Only $50 more than my Insight was listed for. Made me laugh to see him describe his Insight as a "cool a** ride". It is, but for different reasons than he seems to be trying to portray.

I only look at Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Sites like Autotrader and Car Gurus don't list as many cars and the ones listed are typically more expensive. I got lucky when I found my Civic on

Here's a beat up red one in Colton, Ca listed for $1000:
Paint is fading pretty bad and there's a decent amount of damage in the rear, but if all checks out you could probably get a few hundred off and fix it yourself. Smog passed so I'm guessing IMA works or was already well bypassed?

Another red one, literally a project car since the engine is currently out; but has a MIMA system that comes with it, for $1000 in Las Vegas:
Again, a few hundred off, and depending on your mechanical know-how might be a good deal, who knows.

Neither seem worth the long drive though. That was Facebook Marketplace. Only one within 200 miles of Phoenix with a manual on Craigslist is that white one.

Sometimes I open the results for Insights nationwide on Craigslist using this site, but beware of about 20 or more tabs opening when you open all the results at once.

EDIT: Insight Central has some good deals if you want to fly out to pick one up:

Red 111K miles for $1500 in NC:

285K miles for $1000 in Northern CA:
2006 New Formula Red Honda Insight MT, 298k: (Build thread)

2013 Ember Black Volvo S60 automatic, 119k (Wife's car):

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