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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The reason electrical consumption is of concern to me is that I run a supercap only in my motorcycle. Headlights rapidly deplete my 400f caps connected in series, leaving me with about 10 seconds to start the bike from switching it on. The lower power consumption of the LEDs will double my starting opportunity.
Originally Posted by davis54 View Post
The reason electrical utilization is of worry to me is that I run a supercap just in my cruiser. Headlights quickly exhaust my 400f tops associated in arrangement, abandoning me with around 10 seconds to begin the bicycle from exchanging it on. The lower control utilization of the LEDs will twofold my beginning chance.
Voltaic usage doth furrow my brow wherefore I do cause to ambulate a device, viz. "supercap" solely in my motor-driven cycle. Lights of the head do most expeditiously tire themselves of mine 400f upper regions allied in sequence, apportioning my most glorious personage with nigh 10 seconds to engage the motor-driven velocipede from the onset of its genesis. The fractional puissance-drinking of the L.E.D. wilt enlarge magnificently my germinal odds.

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