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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
I let my engine warm up...for as long as it takes to scrape off the windows; under a minute usually. Engine isn't as sluggish and the defog is just starting to kick in.

Sometimes is isn't enough and even if I wipe the window down, it fogs up again in moments. But it defogs within a minute if it's had the time it takes to scrape the ice off to warm up already. Can be pretty sketchy at times and sometimes requires pulling over to deal with it.

Doesn't get below freezing most of the time, so idling is not usually a big issue. But it doesn't get well below freezing where the air dries out either, so foggy windows are a regular issue. Sometimes makes me wish my DD had A/C...
AC sure works good for defogging the windows. Was up north in October hard frost overnight after it had rained had to scrape the windshield on the rental, first time in a can't remember how long. Used basically your technique.

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