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Ooh, the work of buying a Prius! Took us around a month I think to find a good one for my mom.

Is that really a new hybrid battery I'm seeing? Selling for $2000? Seems fishy. Usually the Prius is a maintenance free car except for larger, more expensive issues. Usually the only things to fail on a Prius are:
- Hybrid battery (usually well past 200K miles, usually)
- Transaxle (upkeep on transmission fluid changes didn't happen)
- MID (multi-information display, $700-ish)

I have a sporadic P0420 (catalytic converter) code on my Insight, but haven't fixed it yet since the light is only on sporadically. Could be something as simple as that or something more serious. Would need to know more specifics on the CEL code.
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