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Thought about getting a super cheap (and easy 40+ MPG) beater for pizza delivery and saving the Insight for more normal driving. Or should I say, save the battery. The constant stop-n-go is hard on the battery; I get forced regen quite often. I'll hopefully have the clutch mod done though so really the only bad thing is ruining my MPG from non-hypermiling on delivery runs, even though my MPG is only 10% worse doing deliveries in the Insight (64 MPG vs. ~71 MPG, 30F-40F temps).

2001 Echo, 228k miles, newer tires, headlights, battery, spark plugs, bearing, and stereo. Needs struts and another bearing. Manual, of course. Asking $1000 but I'd try to get it for $500-$700. Bone stock could probably wring 40 MPG on delivery and 45 or so with mods, about 10% better than the Civic. 60 MPG normal driving possibly but I'd only be using the Echo for deliveries.

Not ACTUALLY; I leave for college in a week and a half, and as said before the mods on the Insight will make deliveries more "conscience friendly" but it'd be fun to get a beater car , strip it, and ecomod the hell outta it and see what kinda MPG I could get, not caring about reversability at all. I know someone did that with Trollecho or Echotroll before.

Ok, ok, I'll stop now. A bit far to drive for a beater car anyway. And I don't need double insurance. Not actually even seriously considering it; I can't be cheating on my Insight like that. But I want to baby my dream car and I can't really do that while doing pizza delivery.

Look what happens when I'm stuck waiting for ecomod stuffs to arrive in the mail! smh
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