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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I can't speak for respite work, but it's really hard not to make $35,000 here, and there are jobs for anyone who wants them.
Unemployment is less than 2%. I have a job which requires no degree and am making around 60k, was hired only a few months ago and am being offered raises already to keep me. Arizona sounds (from what I've read) like a place where it's very easy to live in poverty.
$35,000 in Vermont is different than $35,000 in Wisconsin and
$35,000 in Phoenix is different than $35,000 in Mesa

In Wisconsin you can still find rent all utilities included for $250 a month and ground turkey for $1 a pound

Iím told the difference in cost of living in AZ varies wildly as do wages

Cost of living makes a bigger difference than earnings in how easy it is to make ends meet
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