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Mom's scale says that I weigh 205 pounds and I know that is inaccurate. When I was in the Guard I would get down to 210 when they weighed me every six months, but that was over two years ago, and I have hardly exercised since.

Exercise totally works. You just need to burn 7,000 calories to lose one pound.

I think running two miles used to burn 230 calories.

Then I was hungrier.


Guess what? I do not like vegetables!

I am usually not a big fan of sugar, but there are always cravings. I have had several dates lately (look at me! I am dating!), I always ordered water, and I do not believe that I have ordered dessert. With one young lady I drove her to the dollar store afterward and introduced her to their Italian ice.

I do not think that fifty calories did me permanent harm.

Supposedly people sneak sugar into food to make it taste better, but I will try to watch my sugar intake, and eat more vegetables instead of real food.

Does soaking vegetables in butter make sense to any of you?
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