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According to my notifications, they dropped the price $50, reposted for the low-low price of $1,700 and then apparently sold the car. The listing is deleted. I received notification for another Prius, this time a 2009:

Also $1,950, but this time they say it has a bad cell--you can start it, but shouldn't.
The reason I'm getting rid of the car instead of just fixing the dead cell is because I have another car and dont want to continue paying 2 insurances. I am a father of 1 and I am the sole provider for my son and his mother so I really could use the extra cash.
I pay two insurances.

One whole kid?! Oh my goodness! Here, keep the car, but take my money!

Why is he the sole provider of the mother? Is she too busy raising one kid to work?

I do not have $1,950, plus whatever it would cost to replace one cell, and the other battery maintenance, although hopefully it is safe to drive now.

We received about a foot of snow in the last twenty-four hours and, even though they forecast clear weather, it is supposed to continue snowing for the next few days. Three of my clients are down one road that had multiple rollovers.

A woman drove up to see me a week after we met in-person. We barely persuaded her to stay in a hotel instead of driving on in elk country at night with snow and ice, but I needed to check the weather and road conditions, and send her on her way sooner.

It took her seven hours to drive less than ninety miles, the road out of town was just as bad, and all hotels in-town were booked, so I kind of feel bad that she came to see me.

They say the car has 174,000 miles (a bit high for nine or ten years), but the engine was replaced at 100,000 miles.

This is honestly the first time that I have heard of a Prius engine replacement. At 10 ^ 5 miles?!
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