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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
The economic impacts from reduced availability to energy from fossil fuel reductions don't just affect a political base. The economic impacts affect everyone. Economy and primary energy are very highly correlated. And it is increasingly obvious from the concerted effort in Germany for example, that rebuildables will not replace even a major fraction of the energy we are now consuming and will be much more intermittent without thermal back up. If energy goes down, the economy will go down. If the economy goes down, our current social system will have to change. The big challenge that we have facing us is how to transition to a degrowth world economic system while still improving the quality of life for the billions of people in developing regions.
Sure,but short of black-ops,major US policy,as it regards American nationals and their economic future,would be controlled within the beltway.
The coupling between economics and productivity is the reason for decoupling it.
On a good day,renewables are covering 75% of Germany's total electrical load,so on 'good' days,it's pretty sweet!
The undersea cable,from Africa to Europe is laid.Grid inter-ties are evolving.Distributed generation.Schacht's thermo-storage technology is working it's way into solar-concentrated thermal power production for night production capability.It's only going to get better.
I agree with you contextually about the relationship between our fossil-fuel rise to (insert your adjective here),but the game has changed I believe.
We're already growing and improving the quality of life for people without fossil fuel combustion.
Our Constitution is obsolete.We no longer live in the world of our founding fathers.They would have had no idea how corrupt certain American creatures could become,legally.And the influence they could wield.
See if you can find 'deconstruction' in any public address,by any elected public servant.
Since the only democracy we actually have is the marketplace,the only real change we'll ever see will be found there,and probably nowhere else.
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