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energy or grid load?

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Even after it's concerted 2 decade long build out of solar and wind, Germany still gets less than 4% of it's energy from these sources. Energy is embodied in every good and most services. It is not possible to decouple energy from economy and well being. We must push back against the rhetoric that wind and solar can replace fossil fuels and leave them in the ground if only we would choose it. The trick is in how to form a more enlightened and pragmatic new rhetoric of how we can formulate a new social system that will function for everyone as we get energy and economy back down to a much lower level that can be serviced by renewables without a big and painful stair step down. Efficiency will help as well as a more fair distribution of surplus.
My comment had to do with total electrical demand,not 'energy.'
Again,75% of Germany's total electrical demand has been met with renewable energy-derived electricity.That's all I'm saying.
And if you've ever been there,you know that a lot of their load is for expendable activities.
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