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Originally Posted by aerohead
What you might consider,is the fact that,with the state-of-the art in modelling as it is,actual observed processes are exceeding predictions,which may suggest 'abrupt' climate change,which if true,then we'd have no way to adapt to it,as with the Younger-Dryas.
We know that Earth is capable of abrupt climate change.It's happened before.Do you want to invite that to the dance?
[raises hand excitedly] Yes. That's my position. Infrastructure must be hardened against temperature rising and falling. Not to mention wind speed, with flying debris.

Our Constitution is obsolete.We no longer live in the world of our founding fathers.They would have had no idea how corrupt certain American creatures could become,legally.And the influence they could wield.
See if you can find 'deconstruction' in any public address,by any elected public servant.
Since the only democracy we actually have is the marketplace,the only real change we'll ever see will be found there,and probably nowhere else.
The premise of the Constitution is that humans are corruptible. It was intended to bind government down with chains to protect us from them.

The marketplace is a democracy? One dollar, one vote?

Answers With Joe addresses the topic:

My favorite among the debunkers (he's not always right IMHO) is Thunderf00t. He's been quiet lately but he's the story on what he's been up to:

That's some hard science. He reveals his name in the paper's contributors (initials PEM).

Without freedom of speech we wouldn't know who all the idiots are.
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