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cherry pick,mislead....................

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
It's just that these cherry picked statements mislead the under informed general public into thinking that we have it made with wind and solar if only the evil and greedy fossil fuel interests would allow us. Which is not true at all. The truth that we must understand is that even Germany, as the world leader in % of wind and solar build out, has only accomplished a 4% share of what they use every day.
If you read Germany's electric meter on that day,they'd be billing you for X-amount of kWh.
On that same day,if you'd read their 'sunny boy',grid-tie interface,the portion satisfied by renewable energy-related production wheeled onto the grid equaled 0.75X.
I'm just reporting on what was observed.
It's up to the reader on how they interpret the data.
If I tell you that I can satisfy 75% of your hunger with pizza,instead of fried chicken,I suppose you can argue the satiation coefficient of pizza vs fried chicken if you want.Calories are calories,and kWhs are kWhs.
On a case-specific basis,75% is remarkably larger than 4%.
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