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Bible... many people see it as holly only because it is Bible, biblic texts words of "God"... But forgot that was people, humans who sellected what would enter there, and even so full of contradictions from text to text, from a author to another. (plus be translations from translation)

People accept religion varies and varies in a same religion from time to time. In theory, for example popes would be as intermediary to God, but if they change so much over time, it's cleary they couldn't, unless their God was a ping pong ball without any coherence.

If the intermediaries are crap, why would the people who sellect texts act different?

No matter... people are irational and just follows what they was trained to follow or what is used to... Critical coherent thinking it's a menace for the world structure of power and domain. And even when people think in something, usually it's just sh..., like the flat Earth moviment and others.

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If you're thinking of the Council of Nicea, they found the Bible over-full and gave it a good haircut.

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