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Originally Posted by redpoint5
I'm trying to bait someone into providing evidence that prior IPCC reports have given good enough prediction of events that transpired that we can have increased faith that current/future reports are likely to be accurate.
I'm in the middle of watching this(actually, listening to it in the background). Focus on 15:10 and later.

I don't find objecting to subjectivity to be entirely pointless.
It was a[n objective/subjective] joke.

But the point was that subjectivity is what you get when a neural net observes a quantum field. To quote Todd Snider "Let all them people do what people do..." The correct response is to point and laugh.

Originally Posted by All Darc
People accept religion varies and varies in a same religion from time to time. In theory, for example opoes would be as intermediary to God, but if they change so much over time, it's cleary they couldn't, unless their God was a ping pong ball withouty any coherence.
If you follow Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell, the same themes or archetypes bubble up out of the human subconscious repeatedly over the ages.

No matter... people are irational and just follows what they was treaned to follow, used to... Critical coherent thinking it's a menace for the world structure of power and domain. And when people think in something, usually it's just sh..., like the flat Earth moviment and others.
The Flat-Earthers are an interesting case. A psy-op obviously, but if you poke at it it bites pokes back. Now they're being use as a conduit to spread a novel flavor of historical revisionism. It's both questionable and question-raising.

Every psy-op requires ~10% truth to sell the rest. What's the nugget in this? Antiquitech? It was 189x-1752 years from Ben Franklin's kite to Tesla's AC hegemon over atmospheric power.


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