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People are also a disgrace !

They are used to be fooled (smile by front view and stable by back) by politician and by consumism media, and both these fields never blame the people (consumer/voters) but butter up/flatered them to make easier to steal.
People are like the naked king imagining his clothes are invisible. They think they are right and not guilty for nothing. Plus the victmism ideology of today...

I say : Fu...k the people too. Let's point the finger to people, to consumers, to voter, as they deserve.
They are also responsible for the disgrace of the world.

Sorry for the many typing mistakes of the earlier post. Fast typing... I will fix now.

Originally Posted by niky View Post
Unfortunately, admitting that this is necessary for the long term survival of the species is not a good way to get the popular vote.

Hell, telling people they need to pay for their pollution can get you in hot water.

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