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This "home water treatment" in this video it's even more suspicious, since instead of use farm water from ground holes and then mixed with water collected from toiled pot (without poop inside), he took the sewage water from dead river direct, and after the simple treatment.
He used a similar treatment to the one from the other video, but instead of chlorine for the last stage (after aglutination and very simple filtering) he used a organic compound. Disolved solids were not removed.

And the water in the spheric jar didn't got very transparent with this treatment, unly it's my impression just.

This approuch have value compared to when poor people have no alternative at all, but it's far from safe. Poor people can't pay lab tests each time.
Heavy metals and pesticides were not removed.

But I wonder why home can't have a simple system to treat sewage like that, to allow to collect solids and water up to back to nature nearly harmless. It would be more practical than Bill Gates's eco toilet. Just a large box (tank) with impermeabilization, some moving blade to mix slowly and to separate solids after aglutination get ready, and a small output filter.
Unles the aglutination agent it's expensible, this would be viable for third world.

Other alternative it's use tanks (like pools) with a lot of plants up to take the organic residues direct from water. But this require quite lage tanks and a lot of plants.

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