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Originally Posted by Daschicken View Post
17/42 Sprockets and a DID(?) chain on their way. Thermostat and DL650 parts come later.

I went and measured the pipes, and believe it or not, the yoshi system appears ever so slightly smaller. Something like 40.9mm outer diameter vs 41.1mm.

I plan on bumping the operating temperature up with the new thermostat, as well as completely blocking off the oil cooler, I think the engine will be hot enough that the stock heat range is still a good choice.

I am not afraid to go into a full tuck, so a taller windscreen would likely not be helpful. The grab bar has already come in handy to pick up the rear of the bike and shift it around, and the rear fender stays.
Non o-ring chain?

The tubing wall thickness may be different between the factory and Yosh systems, but it sounds like they are close.

Rear fender removal would be mostly for aero reasons. I never used the grab bar. Even with the blocked cooling a hotter plug may still help with combustion efficiency at low RPMs.

Flush mount front signals and smaller more areo mirrors would be an improvement.

You will need to pull out all the stops to get to 100 MPG with the SV, but it should be interesting.
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