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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I have been starting to use the anthracite coal.
It burns very cleanly, no smoke as compared to burning wood, almost no sulfur.
The main problem is just getting it started.
My dad used to sell that kind of coal as a living

Couple pages of a paper and some small wood chips should do it.
You do need a good chimney though.
A BBQ starter should work, too

You can sort-of measure coal quality by hardness & shine.
The harder and shinier, is usually the better.
Should take a fair bit of force to crumble two chunks when pressed together.

You can also "hear" coal quality when pouring it out on a concrete floor, into a stove chute, or onto itself - if it sounds kind-of metallic, it'll be OK.
It should also give off little dust

Dull, brittle coal, crumbling easily, making a lot of dust, is rubbish and makes a notably softer noise when poured out.

I'm sure the cheap stuff burns pretty dirty
Usually does, yes.
It'd also burn quicker and leave far more residue - meaning it'd still cost as much to heat the same place ... if not more, and you'd need more trips getting it.

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