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But it was what I tried to say. Media and politics smile to you at front face (face to face, but stables by the back. Both act like if people rules, if people was important, but in reality they just manipulate people.

People think the world owes them something, but in reality they eat in the hand of media and politics.
That's why I said someone should say F... The People, blame people too, since people also have guilty on this since it's their vanity and arrogance the doors from where the manipulation starts. I'm not saying to cut peoples's rights or anyting like that, but just to blame people when they deserves, blame the stupidity, the selfish, the arrogance, the prejudice, and starts to point the finger to the disgusting side of the culture people have right in the depths of their minds.

And thinks like Uncle Jordan quotes, somehow (not direct- so it's easy for hin to say that never said tis or that) fight it for one side, in terms of money, but for the sexual side sometimes gives the impression women owes someting to man, like when he made severe critics to hipergamia, like nearly suggesting it should be forbiden because many man should end with no women while women had many guys but in general the selection of guys, the few guys that get most women . His idea it's like p...zzy socialism. Crazy.
He can have great moments as orator, but in other moments he scares.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I don't know what advertisements look like where you live, but in the US nearly every advertisement has the message "you deserve this".

Nearly everyone here has that mentality, that the world owes them something.

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