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21 century... when people manipulate suposed weakness to domain things.
On TV once there was a debate about borderline personality disorder, and the funny thing is that a girl (20's) with such disorder (that leads to casual explosions of angryness) talked like she had the right to get such upset for nothing and that the people around that should manage it because she was a sick person. What the helll... She didn't said direct, but the way she talked sounded arrogant to me, like she didn't wanted to take responsability for her acts.
If she was humble and had said that was difficult to deal with the disorder, and people could try to forgive her when she apologize for someting, I could understand a bit. But the arrogant way she talked, ohh crap...

And this things are getting spread. If it's not with skin color, social class, gender, sexual orientation, it's about some disturb someone have. Once it start and people see other using some privilege over something they have, they will feel need to compete to get someting too, and we will have a society where everyone will try to use someting to get some benefit.

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I was at the bus stop, waiting, and a guy was pacing back and forth talking on his phone about HIV Alliance. He paced toward me stopped, and before he turned around said distinctly "I have special privileges because I have an illness."
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