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With the technology of today life should not be scary, but humans are stupid and always find someting to screw-up, always mess around, always find reasons to disputes and wars (even small cultural wars).

Uncle Jordan is very careful when speaks, and knows how to transmit ideas withou left edges to be acused of direct say someting. And he always is surrounded by right wings activists, and for example when commented about christian orthodox, didn't said one single critic.

The the fact he asks help on Patreon (he asks people to open the walet), despite be aready wealth with his salary, his bussiness, books sales, lectures (he is paid for) youtube views... Makes me remamber the evangelic preachers...
His daughter learned with hin, and charge for consultation about auto-imune problems and diet, despite be not a doctor.

I'm not left wing, but I found both side a crap, despite the left wing crap had raised and it's in some sort of domain over media and at universities making brainwashing and creating "victm-dictatorship. But just because the left it's in a crazy and powerfullk moment, this will not lead me to agree with the greed side of right wing (not that left hadn't some of it too in other ways).

Of course uncle Jordan said some very important things and helped to unmask the crazy sh...t of crazy left wings radicals. But he is suspect for me, cause he always workship one single side. I never saw hin made critics to right wing, critic to prejudice, critics aboutr crazy religion people unless it's from middle east. And a bout his degree in psychology... well... there are many psychologists, and some complete oposed to eachother, and for me this somehow proves how worthless psychology can be.
Most psychologists are very disturbed persons inside.

No offesnse at all Freedeard. :-)
I admire sincerity. If society keep political correctnes with crazy abuses, we will end in a complete fake world, were worlds and dialog means nothing.

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I don't think JP will scare you or me, but Normies haven't thought about how terrifying life is. They might have a reaction.

(No offense intended, A. D.)

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