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At first this sounded like a parts car, but then I saw the parts... Hopefully the drivetrain, AC, and other internal components perform within specified parameters, but there is no way they are receiving anywhere near $1,500 for this Accord!

It does not go here, but I just wanted to share:

Bought the car two years ago with a restored salvaged title
Found out a few months ago that the car is many parts of different accords
Was in an accident in August no damage but the air bags deployed so those need to be replaced, driver and passenger seat belts, check engine light is on because it needs an oil change (getting that done this weekend) motor mounts need to be replaced also...
There are some dings on the inside door area from me having to break into the car after locking my keys in
Ac and heat work, car runs like a champ I use it daily
I am sure the second part is normal with the first. In fact, my Accord has parts from different Accords, but how do you get in an accident severe enough to deploy the airbags, without damaging the car?

It sounds more like they were able to replace the bumper or whatever.

Check engine light from needing an oil change? There is a maintenance light, but that is different. Is it so low on oil he has a CEL? I did that with my Civic. I do not have any idea why I have low compression!

Wait, what about the driver and passenger seatbelts?

They need to be replaced because of that accident that did not cause any damage?

Were the motor mounts damaged, but not replaced, after that original accident, or some subsequent one?

My driver's door is slightly dinged from breaking in after locking in my keys, but then I got a spare!

Then I lost my keys...

My life is a roller coaster...

USAA paid AAA to let me into my car and it took the guy five minutes. I wonder how long it would have taken had I not said "Why don't you roll down the window?"

Apparently you cannot unlock the doors with the key in the ignition.

Have you guys seen the equipment they use?

It was almost like they used a blood pressure cuff, complete with the squeeze ball pump. They slide it in the corner of the door, between it and the frame, squeeze it enough to create a gap, slide in the rod, and unlock the door.

Yeah, keep a spare, and don't lock yourself in!
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