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Medicine would be more advanced if humanity wasn't so stupidy. The rest it's consequence of our trash culture and trasyh monkey's instincts. I don't like human nature.

"Uncle Jordan" it's a way to describe how many people see J. Peterson as a paternal figure. People created without a father presence or with a father presence who didn't cared enough.

I didn't saved the videos (long videos) and the timecode of each sentence. But he said that cash 80K per month with Patreon. It's not ilegal to accept money when you already have a lot, but come on... it's moraly contestable. Rich evangelic minister can took money from poor people in distress, as donation, and buy a new great car. Legal by law, but not moral. Ok, this was a example more strong than in the case of J.Peterson.
And his daughter cashing consultation... when she is not a doctor.

His time for free? Are you kiding??? He cash with youtube, with books, with lectures ? And cash to give advices by webchats. He is cashing as the "uncle testosterone guru".
It's almost the same thing of modern wave feminists leaders cashing from women, using women frustration and anger to get money & political power.

I presume he had a tough life, many problems, losts, depression, frustration, and women didn't cared about his problems (a theory I did).

He is almost always quite angry, like trying to hide it, and a bit hostile or always taking things as hostility against hinself.
I remamber a video where his remarks about hypergamia like he was almost saying it should be stoped or forbiden. And about make-up, well he didn't said to forbit it on workplaces, but we know how women act (sometimes very subtle) it's way more strong than the make-up itself. Short clothes and how and how much of boobs displaying it's way more strong than face make-up. When he talks like that he is almost like a muslim afraidf of women's body & face.

Maybe he use a lot of rational brain energy to control hinself to do not make sh... toward women, and thinks everyone it's the same way, requiering a lot of energy for that.

I don't believe in famous mass heroes in this world of greed, anger and ignorance.
I'm not saying he didn't made very important quotes or reflections about life and modern world, and even putting his neck on risk in this political correctness dictatorship.
Like I said before, I always try to see both sides of the coin.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Technology is merely a distraction from the scary world in which we live. We still exercise our fight or flight response on relatively unimportant things, such as deadlines. We still suffer disease and death. Technology has done nothing to address the vanity and frailty of life.

Jordan is a relative of yours? Now that's the interview I'd like to see.

So your criticism is that he hasn't been careless enough with his speech to really object to him? He has a rule that if he doesn't know enough about something, that he doesn't comment on it. He's also got a rule that if he's being asked something rhetorically (antagonistically), that he doesn't answer.

He isn't on Patreon, and I've never heard him ask listeners to give him money. What does his relative wealth have to do with accepting money people give? Should we expect people at some arbitrary wealth level to stop accepting money? Is it reasonable to criticize someone who accepts donations when they offer their time for free?

These objections are absurd. Try harder. I've asked for something specific he has said which you object to, and you haven't provided anything.

You're associating Peterson with the right-wing. What evidence is there that he is more than a small amount right of center? He criticises the right, and validates the existence of the left constantly. I don't think you're actually listening to Peterson, but instead reading a 3rd party Op Ed to form your opinion. I'm waiting for evidence to support any of your claims.

The mind is among the least understood things; of course it's going to be quasi-science. Just because it's a difficult field doesn't mean it isn't worth pursuing.

I've heard before that renewables are relatively easy to accommodate up to about 20% of overall consumption, but the difficulty exponentially increases from there.

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