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Originally Posted by All Darc View Post
Medicine would be more advanced if humanity wasn't so stupidy. The rest it's consequence of our trash culture and trasyh monkey's instincts.
That's like how I always say the only thing holding me back from an NBA career is genetic aptitude and skill.

"Uncle Jordan" it's a way to describe how many people see J. Peterson as a paternal figure. People created without a father presence or with a father presence who didn't cared enough.
It's impossible to know to what extent people view Peterson as a father replacement. I simply find his interpretation of things to be interesting and insightful.

I didn't saved the videos (long videos) and the timecode of each sentence. But he said that cash 80 K with Patreon. It's not ilegal to accept money when you already have a lot, but come on... it's moraly contestable...

And his daughter cashing consultation... when she is not a doctor.
You're entitled to be annoyed that he accepts money people give him. It seems arbitrary to me as to what constitutes an immoral acceptance of money. I'm in the top 1% by world standards. Does that make me immoral to accept money if someone offered it to me?

... and your other complaint is that his daughter could have had a more prestigious career?

His time for free? Are you kiding??? He cash with youtube, with books, with lectures ? And cash to give advices by webchats. He is cashing as the "uncle testosterone guru".
I'm not kidding. His lectures are free to watch. Only those that wish to voluntarily pay him will pay.

It seems the thing you dislike the most is making a living by speaking and giving advice. Probably cultural differences explain why I don't understand the "uncle testosterone guru" reference.

I presume he had a tough life, many problems, losts, depression, frustration, and women didn't cared about his problems (a theory I did).
Probably. He admits to prone to depression. High IQ people are overrepresented with depression. I'd assume he's had the normal problems of life too.

He is almost always quite angry, like trying to hide it, and a bit hostile or always taking things as hostility against hinself.
I remamber a video where his remarks about hypergamia like he was almost saying it should be stoped or forbiden. And about make-up, well he didn't said to forbit it in workplaces, but we know how women act (sometimes very subtle) it's way more strong than the make-up itself. When he talks like that he is almost like a muslim afraidf of women body & face.
I wonder too if he's actually angry, or if that's just how he sounds when he's deeply discussing something. Certainly he's adopted his own preaching to confront the world bravely.

What did he say that is disagreeable about makeup? I hadn't heard that one.

I don't believe in heros in this world of greed, anger and ignorance.
I'm not saying he didn't made very important quotes or reflections about life and modern world, and even putting his neck on risk in this political correctness dictatorship.
Like I said before, I always try to see both sides of the coin.
Yeah, me either. He's far from perfect. Why should that scare me though?
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