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Uncle Jordan it's a way ti describe how many people see J. Peterson as a patern figure. People created without a father presence or with a father presence who didn't cared enought.
You're the one calling him Uncle (unironically — no scare quotes). What does that suggest?

I don't believe in heros in this world of greed, anger and ignorance.
I believe in heroes
R. Buckminster Fuller
Tim Berners-Lee
Satoshi Nakamoto
Like I said before, I always try to see both sides of the coin.
There's your problem. Two-sided arguments fail because the world is multivariant (a word JBP uses).

I know it's hard, but I'm trying to keep up. Patreon is no panacea. See below:

Patreon found it's niche when Youtube started demonetizing the posters. It gave them an alternative means of being self-sustaining. When Patreon went sideways too, SubscribeStar took up the slack.

But SubscribeStar flushed out the powers behind the curtain, the credit card companies (and maybe Paypal).

The only solution for this dilemma appears to be gold-backed crypto.

It is possible to parse a one-dimensional axis. Here's an example:

Data and Society calling out some 'Alternative Influencer Network' was bogus on it's face, but Tim Pool found a good analysis (I would argue from a weaponized autist on the level of James Damore). Here's Mark Ledwich's article:
"Never trust an actor with a gun"
Abraham Lincoln (probably)