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I edited things, type error and better display of though,before found you responded.

Yes, I can't ready people's minds, but it's plausible that many man with poor childhood paternal figures likes hin. Yes, he is insightfull in many things. But I believe everyone who will constest the world and scoiety, to million people watch, should present both sides of coin instead of direct just to one side of the the subject.

If he take money from people with a lot money and focusing expose the crazy side of left radicals, I would not complain so much. But if bexame sort of hero and manage to make people in low position, short money, to give hin money, with hin without needing extra money... well...
You can be in the 1% status, but if you manage to convince poor people to give you money without real work or business on it, I can say I have a problem... The question here is that he don't need extra money.
He and Shapiro are paid for lectures. It's free for public to watch, but they are paid for.

His daughter is not a doctor. If she cash to give advices over auto-imune illness related to diet, yes, I can say I have a problem. It's a greed form of banalization of medicine. It could in some cases be charged a ilegal exercise of medicine.

"Uncle testosterone guru" it's a way to describe how he and many people try to be the sex guru today to audiences of frustrated people. And in a lot of cases the guru it's just another frustraded person (in sexual or relationship matters) trying to present a image of hinself a great man, ladies man etc...

Depression can't be used as a excuse to be angry. And I think this fiels (psychlogy and psychiatry) it's a proof of the failure of these science in practical terms. DOCTOR, CURE YOURSELF... I think people who choose this filed already had problems.
Anyway he said to had cut the anti-depression drugs after adopted his daughter meat diet. But didn't changed his typical way of be.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
That's like how I always say the only thing holding me back from an NBA career is genetic aptitude and skill.

It's impossible to know to what extent people view Peterson as a father replacement. I simply find his interpretation of things to be interesting and insightful.

You're entitled to be annoyed that he accepts money people give him. It seems arbitrary to me as to what constitutes an immoral acceptance of money. I'm in the top 1% by world standards. Does that make me immoral to accept money if someone offered it to me?

... and your other complaint is that his daughter could have had a more prestigious career?

I'm not kidding. His lectures are free to watch. Only those that wish to voluntarily pay him will pay.

It seems the thing you dislike the most is making a living by speaking and giving advice. Probably cultural differences explain why I don't understand the "uncle testosterone guru" reference.

Probably. He admits to prone to depression. High IQ people are overrepresented with depression. I'd assume he's had the normal problems of life too.

I wonder too if he's actually angry, or if that's just how he sounds when he's deeply discussing something. Certainly he's adopted his own preaching to confront the world bravely.

What did he say that is disagreeable about makeup? I hadn't heard that one.

Yeah, me either. He's far from perfect. Why should that scare me though?

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