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You are asking me to label hin over a specific thing. I can't do it in the way you want, since he is grease, he is careful, never said someting direct. This makes things more scary somehow, since it's hard to catch, to spot, despite his lectures inderect induces things quite strong. And people are taking hin as a hero...
This indirect approach make suspect people became his fans, like some "pseudo nazis" and people with sexism (true ones and not the left crazy delusion) and prejudice. And we always end-up with this : "Tell me where he said it ?"

Psychologists always try to rationalize a way to fit psychology into their personal believes. This field for me it's a joke.
He is conservative, or at least appears, and use to avoid make critics to conservative bad sides (liberals have bad side too). He is very good to rationalizae and fit it in a way to appear complete rational, but like I said it's over one side of the coin only.

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So the only specific criticism so far is that he is relatively wealthy and accepts money that people offer him, almost entirely unsolicited.

There was a non-specific complaint about some topic to do with makeup.

I'm not one for criticising people, but instead ideas. Still waiting to hear what specific ideas I should be scared of that Peterson promotes.

In my view, we should be wary of are those that intend malice. People who are anxious to categorize someone as a Nazi, and use that as justification for violence.