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You're doing pretty well if you're getting 48mpg on short trips and it running a little rough. I'm only getting ~43pg on my 90 HF, probably from driving too fast. I would start a gas log here to track your mileage, install an mpguino to help your driving techniques, and maybe look into a block heater to get the car warmed up faster.

I would get a block tester to determine if you HG could be blown. If it has overheated multiple times and is running like you say, I'd say it is a possibility for your issues. You could also pull the plugs and see what they look like. When my HF had a blown HG, one of the plugs was getting wet and it would have trouble starting and surge a little until it dried the plug out.

If you do change the HG, IM me and I can send you a Honda Tech bullitin to get the part number for a metal headgasket and new headbolts. Honda must have realized there was an issue and recommeded these new parts on D series engines that have blown their HGs.
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