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I wonder how far stupidity can go on 21 century.
Flat Earth started as a kiding play, for fun, someone had the nidea about how far sophistry could go, and started a crazy way to argue against Earth be spheric. I heard about they even told in the end that it was just a lie, a game for fun, but at this point the believers didn't accepted that were fooled and kept believing on it. Is that right?

What if someone start some new stupidity for fun, evem more stupid, spread the idea, just to see how many retards would get into ?
What could be even more stupid and grabe more people?

Why psychiatry don't classify these people as mentally ill?

How far wiil go the "political correctness? Will a teacher of astronomy be fired if he says Flat Earth it's something for imbeciles ? Would he be accused of ofense against someone's belief similar to a offense against a religion?

Most religious people believe Earth it's just 5000 years old. Another stupidity...

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