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dug in

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Come on. You are now dug in. One chicken on one day is not going to keep me alive for a whole year.
That's a structural impossibility after my college flirtation with Zen Buddhism.
I'm not attached to 'good news' statistics about renewable energy,nor do I have any expectations about them.Considering zero carbon generation capability,it's a glimpse at exactly what climatologists advocate.
Born at a time when there existed no commercial,electric wind generation,and Bell Lab's photovoltaic cell was yet,three years away,and having lived almost solely off solar and wind for a decade,you might understand my astonishment when I hear of a major industrial nation receiving such a large fraction of their load from renewable.
It may not be perfection,but as a nascent technology,which faces extreme resistance by entrenched economic interests/lobby's/politicians/presidents,I'll enjoy any good news.
This number game,quasi-religious devotion to propagating and perpetuating the dogma of carbonphilia,insinuating against any who dare dissent,isn't helping the situation.
The market is being driven away from this Gospel of Filth.Parts are already marked for extinction.They simply cannot openly compete in a global market.Permits are being cancelled.Finance analysts are recommending for divestment.
This 'load' you refer to is exists at the pleasure of the people.If enough voices are raised,that load is doomed and all the livelihoods that go with it.
We'll find training and other employment for the displaced.Like we did for whalers and livery stable owners.
When the time comes,and we have excess capacity,we may again entertain the idea of boutique,bourgeoisie,mindless consumption.
Haute Couture,or hot planet,take your pick.
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