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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Well actually, the fact that you, and many other people, are misunderstanding is that electricity is only 20% of total energy consumption in most developed countries that use heat in the winter. Like Germany. So on that day that they made 75% of their ELECTRICITY from wind and solar, they used 85% of their ENERGY from something else. That is the important thing that I keep trying to get across. The media, governments, and the general public, are rampant in their misuse of the term "renewable energy". When they should mean to say renewable electricity. Which is only 20% of energy. All of which needs to eventually get converted and replaced.
This is specifically why I came back to get a clarification of whether we were talking about electrical consumption,or 'energy' consumption.
Like I said in another post,I never said anything about anything other than electrical power consumption.
I understand exactly what you're saying.We need to be as precise as we can with wording,so as not to confuse onlookers,which appears,we have a few.
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