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Originally Posted by All Darc
What if someone start some new stupidity for fun, evem more stupid, spread the idea, just to see how many retards would get into ?
What could be even more stupid and grabe more people?
Tide pods? Bird Boxing?

Born at a time when there existed no commercial,electric wind generation,and Bell Lab's photovoltaic cell was yet,three years away,and having lived almost solely off solar and wind for a decade,you might understand my astonishment when I here of a major industrial nation receiving such a large fraction of their load from renewable.
On of the inventors of the solar cell, Daryl Chapin, had relatives in Perrydale, OR. When I was in high school he visited with a 10th scale model car with solar panels on the roof. He shone a flashlight on it and it would move until he stopped tracking with the light.

The History and Definition of Solar Cells - ThoughtCo
In 1941, the silicon solar cell was invented by Russell Ohl. Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller, and Daryl Chapin - Efficient Solar Cells In 1954, three American researchers, Gerald Pearson, Calvin Fuller and Daryl Chapin, designed a silicon solar cell capable of a six percent energy conversion efficiency with direct sunlight.

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