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a dozen or....................

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I have only ever been able to find a dozen or so that have put up solar panels, drive electric vehicles and live some what green, the vast overwhelming majority are as I stated.
Things are what they are.
Some deceased and aging scientists repeatedly argued for education and critical thinking,as a pathway to a greener future.
Since city,county,state,and public school retirement pension funds are invested in Earth-distructive enterprise,without the common knowledge of the employees,the content of classroom curriculum,historically leaves the most important life knowledge to parents,whom themselves,by default,never got an education either.It sets up a viscous circle of ignorance which ripples throughout the economy and politics.
'Smart' kids are targeted by 'management' people,to be funneled into the defense establishment.My dad was a part of this.
We get self-appointed know-nothings directing our attention away from the really important issues.With any luck,we'll ---s away our entire productive lives making a rich person richer,then give our estate away in the last 3-months of our lives to the health-care industry.Cradle-to-grave moneymaking.
If we actually had public education,you might witness different citizen(oops! I meant 'consumer') activity with less apparent two-faced behavior.
I'd like to see that experiment.
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