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Originally Posted by aerohead
Some deceased and aging scientists repeatedly argued for education and critical thinking,as a pathway to a greener future.
1 Overview

1.1 Part One
1.2 Chapter 1 - Speculative Prehistory of Humanity
1.3 Chapter 2 - Humans in Universe
1.4 Chapter 3 - Legally Piggily
1.5 Chapter 4 - Self-Disciplines of Buckminster Fuller
1.6 Chapter 5 - The Geoscope
1.7 Chapter 6 - World Game
Flat Earthers are an extremely small and harmless group. There's no reason to worry about them. I doubt most religious people think the world is only 5,000 years old, but it doesn't really matter anyhow since being wrong about that has little consequence.
I worry because I see a psy-op.
How to change the behavior of the masses when individually it doesn't matter? I think that's where the religious aspect becomes useful. Piety is motivating, but easily leads to arrogance.
Behaviour of the masses is controlled these days by an 'entertainment' industry.

Scott Adams Episode 362 at 28:50 asserts [a claim] that the Michael Mann hockey stick curve obtains with any data set, including random numbers. I'm going back to listen to the rest. The part about AOC Derangement Syndrome was good.

2nd edit:
At 44:56 He says you can't model water vapor. So I looked at GOES-16 []. You can toggle on/off water vapor in the lower and upper atmosphere separately. Updated every minute.

For me, his 'Dale' persona got old long ago.
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