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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Neither will the sappy and unrealistic over optimism for wind and solar that is prevalent in the media. My comment to you was in response to your stated implication that fosil fuel consumption continues primarily due to rich corporations controlling against the "decision" to just leave it in the ground. Which is completely untrue. The source of energy production is not just a matter of decision. The general public needs a functioning economy so there are jobs that pay them money so that they can live.
Energy and economy are correlated at nearly 1:1.
Fossil fuels continue as much as are necessary, along with other forms of energy production, to maintain the modern debt based economy from crashing.
The scale of energy that is currently needed to keep from a crash is completely unfathomable to most people. It is only through analysis of the data that we can make wise decisions as to what challenges are comming at us and how best to proceed. As an example of scale it is useful to look at Germany and realize that even as a world leader in percentage of build out and efficiency improvement, they have as yet replaced only 5% of their energy consumption with wind and solar.
Wind, solar and batteries will help extend fossil fuels but oil will start leaving us long before we are ready to leave it. There is a big reduction in energy availabilty coming in the next three decades. The major aspect of adaptation will have to be social. We can ramp down intentionally or suffer a big stair step. Sappy optimism for rebuildable electricity will foster complacency. We must embrace a more accurate systems view.
It's my firm belief that the general public is completely incapable of discerning between need and want.And it under girds our entire way of commercial life.
Someone less sensitive might come off suggesting that you can sometimes sound like a broken record,beating the same drum about an economy which cannot function without fossil fuel combustion,in direct conflict with evidence to the contrary.
We've moved beyond the Julian Simons and Bjorn Lombergs of the world.They were clueless,as are their minions and sycophants.
Had they had a window in their possession,they might have looked out upon a world which has left them to the dustbin of history,with all there 'can't','won't,'never will' prognostications.
The most liberal estimate is,that we've got 32-years to completely transition off fossil fuel combustion or we'll regret the day we were born.
We need to do everything in our power to make that deadline,or face future generations desecrating our graves and burning our remains for our thoughtlessness,as has already happened in the history of man.
They'll ---- us up so bad,even God won't be able to resurrect us.
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