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Originally Posted by iikhod View Post
Nice merc! Now that is what i call a roomy stw.

I would get the injectors and fuel pump/fuel pumps timing checked and maybe adjusted. It might bring some power back even.
You mentioned on the "introductions" thread you are getting 23mpg, sounds way too much even for an automatic.
Also, check for possible brake drag.

I once had a 124 myself, sedan with 2litre diesel+4speed manual. Sluggish but reliable, one of the best cars i had
Thanks, I will see if I can find info re checking the injection timing/injectors

Brake drag had also crossed my mind. No obviously warm wheels when I check.

I got started on the servicing today, hopefully that will bring some more MPGs..especially now it gets up to operating temp!

According to the EPA site, the w126 saloon (300SDL) with this engine (normally aspirated) is the closest I can find to my car (all the w124 models are saloons or turbo diesels) and it gets

21 urban, 24 highway 22 combined

Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
A rebuild wouldn't be a bad idea. I'm not all that familiar with diesels but after those miles I doubt the rings are as tight as they were when new. This is, of course, quite a bit of money to put into the car. A turbo would probably help with both power and economy, but again money.

On the cheap? Probably wait for someone else to chime in who owns a small diesel.
I think a rebuild is quite the way off - she'll need to earn her stripes first!
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