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I'm not being against all kinds of nuclear power, but just spoting Fukushima sh...t design and asking about the new tecnologies characteristics.
Fukushima was a dumb project, since it was in a area of tsunami danger, even than remote ifor the scala it happened at the time, and they hadn't any auxliar power to start the pumps and avoid the melt of core in case of problems in the main power system.
It was stupid, let's admit...

If a society so organized and smart like Japan can do a stupidity while building a nuclear power plant... I presume all countries can find some way to scrow-up somehow.
But if you say that AP100 it's completelly fools proof... But one thing still remains : The possibility of fools build or instal it, maybe like a hurry or not very well tested, like in Chernobyl (also a old reactor and not good) or even in maintenance.

I imagine someone tryiong it in my country (a disgrace) where inspectors are corrupt and all services are a crap.

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
If you want to shut down the reactor you don't want to be trying to generate power at all.
A reactor like an AP1000 is going to be putting off something like 1 megawatts or 34 million BTUs per hour worth of heat when you try to turn it off after the first time it's started. That's like the heat from burning around 40 or 50 pounds of propane per hour.

That heat can be moved away from the reactor very easy with even a tiny amount of coolant flow.

The tsunami wiped out the backup systems.
Passive systems like the gen 3 plus drown the reactor with a lake of water held above the reactor.
Just imagine a decent size wood pallet fire trying to boil an entire lake of water, it cant.
The huge lake is there incase a jammed control rod failure, which i dont think has happened since gen 1 reactors.
If it had been a gen 4 molten salt reactor nothing would have happened. If the reactor tried to melt down the freeze plugs melt out of the reactor core emptying the contents into a graphite containment vault.
Be we don't have those yet because all the ignorant people who are afraid of anything nuclear some how keep blocking funding.

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