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My fix to the problem.

-Reduce somehow the consume, targetting the wasted eneregy, introducing lightweight and smaller cars (with incentives). Also reduce the industry activity in futulities.

-Invest in a lot more scientific research in solar power, batteries, lightweight compounds, alternatives to reduce energy consume, educational campaign about reduce consume.

-While technology fights to create better ways, nuclear power could be isued with new generation of safe reactors, despite they be more expensive than coal. Solar power plants, where it's more viable, could also be used. International laws demanding coal plants to have devices to capture part of the CO2 emmited.

-If needed, reduce the life luxury standart. We can keep confort with a smal luxury. Why cool a large house, instead of a smaller room ? Why big cars? Why we need gadgetsm that last few time instead of a very well made that lasty years ? Why not add 4 solar panels to help compensate the air conditioned use in summer?

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
That's good because the current fix for global warming is to take from, punish and tax the individual so they use less.
Which doesn't nothing to ultimately fix the problem.
Cars still run off gasoline and power plants still burn coal, just a tiny bit less after the government anti carbon beat down.
If they really wanted to fix global warming then nuclear power plants would be used to replace the coal and natural gas base load and the only natural gas plants in use would be emergency peaker plants and to burn off natural gas that may otherwise be flared.
Then only a hand full of coal plants are left that produce fly ash for making high strength, low efflorescent concrete.

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