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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post

I had a chance to drive a 1st gen., pre-update Cruze this week (first time in a Cruze for me).

6-speed, conventional torque converter automatic with a manual mode like the Audi & Jeep CVT's.

Not surprisingly, like the CVT's, the default programming upshifts a lot later than you can make it shift manually. Though I can't count how many times the car told me "SHIFT DENIED" when I asked for an early upshift. Funny.

The other interesting eco-driving transmission factoid: you can force the car to start off in 2nd gear by requesting an upshift when stopped.
I do remember spamming the shifter a lot in that car when I drove it before. Frustratingly slow-shifting and slow-responding box.

Very comfortable car, though, for what it is.
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