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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Do they even fuel inject them yet?

I bought my 2001 Honda because it was the first year they had FI on their 600.

Didn't really mean to turn it into a dog on Harley thread. People like 'em and I'm fine with that.

... I hadn't kept up on the latest tech on bikes these days and didn't realize their ABS, traction control, and cruise control are getting very good now, and somewhat standard depending on what the intended purpose of the bike is.

That said, I don't think I've had any close calls with braking. I pretty much exclusively use the front brake, so the back is never stepping out due to braking. I suppose if I were good I'd learn how to trail brake into turns.
Harley added EFI in 2008

ABS is an excellent tool to learn just how quickly a motorcycle can stop. Many people get nowhere near threshold braking because they are afraid to actually find the point where the brakes lock up. With ABS you can practice in an empty parking lot or road with the confidence that when you find the limit and lock the front brake you won't crash.

In the past 25 years of riding I've crashed twice from locking up the front brake in situations that would have been prevented by ABS. Today I will not buy a bike without EFI and ABS. Traction control is nice too.

On my last trip to Europe I rolled on the throttle a little too quick shifting from 1st to 2nd on the BMW R1200GS we rented. The traction control let the front come up a few inches and held it there until I rolled off. It was amazingly smooth cut to the power.
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