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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I thought the book was a nice dive into aerodynamic waters.
Julian covered a lot of ground and comprehensively,without overwhelming the reader with extra-technical material which would only retard the experience.
I especially like the pressure profiles and crosswind (yawed) drag tables,which gives an appreciation between the 'ideal' and likely 'real' world.
Great data,graphics,layout,format,and easy organization.
Really slick!
A nice addition to the library,plus a nice reminder of all the cool modding owners are doing, worldwide.
What Philip didn't say (he's too nice a guy!) is that in the book I also cast some doubt on techniques that many people here use. I did that only after looking at the SAE papers (and other aero references - every published book I could find on car aero back to the 1930s) that covered the topic, asking people to support their statements with evidence, and then trialing it for myself.

Coast-down testing is a good example:

The SAE papers referred to in the video (and book) are 950626 - ABCD ľAn Improved Coast Down Test and Analysis Method and 940420 and A Detailed Drag Study Using the Coastdown Method.
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