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Originally Posted by 02BMW02 View Post
I am assembling the AC controller, can anyone just confirm that connection PIN 1 (Vref (IN/OUT) on the current sensor ( HASS 200-S) is NOT used:

does it matter on the thickness of the cable ( I have some 3core 0.2mm signal wire I can use)

The polarized connector has 4 pins, and only 3 of them are used. With the tab at the top, and me facing the current sensor, it is the one on the right that is not used. I can't read the sensor when it is mounted ... but it's likely pin 1.

You are correct that the size (gauge) of the cable is not an issue. Voltage signal only, no current flow. As long as you can crimp the female connector pins onto your wire you should be good.

Sorry it took so long for me to notice that you posted. I must have acknowledged the ecomodder 'new message' notification and not had time to investigate right away.
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