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Question Help me understand EOC (engine off coasting)


Haven't been active here, been busy busy.

Did do some "mods" to my car though. Hit a deer early Thanksgiving morning, broke a headlight and crumpled my hood, lost my grill. Insurance considered it totaled so i had to fix it myself.

So I replaced my headlights with brand new ones, switched to all LED's inside and out, uncrumpled the hood to the best of my ability, did a full tune up, did some gap sealing around the outside with gask maker, cleaned my crank case and created a grill block out of LED light bars haha.

But I saw only negligible gains. I'm still in that 23-24 mpg area.

So I've started playing with EOC while I save up for some more aero mods.

I have a manual, but I'm not really sure how it works- when I leave it in gear and turn the key off, I have full control on brakes and steering (necessary, I live in a hilly, windy roads place) but I'm concerned it's just pulling in unused gas on revolutions. Is this the case?

It's also nice because I just turn the key and it jumps right back to life, smooth as peanut butter.

In neutral I lose brakes and steering, which can be kinda terrifying. But I've noticed I can just put it back in 5th gear after turning the car back on, even as low as 15 mph, and it'll turn on no problem.

Thing is, neutral EOC really only works for one stretch in my town.

The other issue is that when I turn my car key off, my headlights go with it, so I can only EOC during the day.

Would an ignition kill switch cure this issue?

Or should I look into fuel injector kill switches? They seem sorta complicated though...

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