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In The Twilight Zone maybe there is a universe/dimention where only rich people destroys the environment. So Tesla have a great idea for such paralell universe.

Stella it's low weight and aerodynamic. If was as a usual car it would require 4x more electric energy. So you must consider as 3600W of extra solar panels for home.
Yes, it's expensive, but there is a Indian solar home car project much more affordable. Good efficient motor but not the best, but good enought (a bit more than 90% but not 98%)

The own solar panels on car also reduze the need of many battery packs, and so reduces the weight of the car.

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The STELLA car is amazing, but it is waaaay too expensive: the two super efficient hub motors cost about $30k each.

Most homes can have much more than 900-1000 watts of solar, which is what is on the STELLA car - and on a building, solar panels can be MUCH more productive, because they are fixed. On the car, they would be in shadow a lot of the time.